About us

Quadrans Team

Our mission is to develop Quadrans infrastructure, support research and spread blockchain technology around the world. Anyone can contribute to make Quadrans a global tool for reliable communication, governance and business.

Quadrans Founders

Marco Vitale President & Founder National Blockchain Board Member of the Ministry of Economic Development, selected to elaborate the Blockchain National strategy in Italy.

Davide Costa Founder A serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast and founder of Foodchain SpA a company that is providing efficiency and transparency for the F&B industry.

Brunello Pianca Founder Asset Manager, Financial Advisor, Blockchain activist - investor and portfolio manager. Business Angel & venture capitalist. Talents coach.

Quadrans Boards

The structure of Quadrans Foundation includes the Steering Committee and specific internal bodies (Boards) that head major functional departments.



It plays an important role in pursuing the mission of the Foundation.
In particular, the Crypto Board conducts and supervises the scientific and technological research to improve and upgrade Quadrans blockchain infrastructure.

Massimiliano Sala President of the crypto board Director of the Laboratory of Cryptography (CryptoLabTN)

Federico Pintore Vice-President Postdoctoral Research Assistant (University of Oxford)

Pascal Lafourcade Member Assistant Professor (University Clermont Auvergne)

Jason Teutsch Member Mathematician and computer scientist, TrueBit Founder


Fabio Fiori Member De Cifris Torino Founder

Alessandro Troia Member Developer for Kaboom Srl

Piersandro Guerrera Member ICT Manager for Foodchain SpA

Jacopo Grecuccio Member Embedded Software Developer for Block Engineering Srl

Sebastiano Cataudo Member CTO & Co-Founder for YOMI

Marco Moshi Member CEO & Co-Founder Labchain, Co-Founder NFTStudio

Aldo Peter Lo Castro Member Head of Research & Development for Aliaslab SpA

Daniel Grazioli Member Founder & Technology Director for EcoSteer Srl

Legal & Governance


Blockchain is changing the way people, institutions and businesses interact with each other. The Legal and Governance Board provides guidelines and supports the creation of a new legal framework to reshape governance.

President of the legal & governance board Blockchain Lawyer & BlockchainCore President

Member Partner at Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners


Campari Bernacchi
Member Partner at Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners

Member Chartered accountant and accounting expert

Member President of Consumerismo no profit APS

Member Associate at Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners

Member Chartered Tax Adviser and Senior Auditor

Member Partner at Gattai, Minoli, Agostinelli & Partners


Quadrans Evangelists

Emil Abirascid Member Journalist & Editor in Chief of Startupbusiness

Paola Ciaramella Member Blockchain Delegate at Confesercenti Campania

Antonio Colangelo Member R&D Director at Gruppo GPI

Giuseppe Coletti Member CEO & co-founder at Authentico Srl

Marco Crotta Member Blockchain Expert & BlockchainCaffè Author

Roberto Ferrari Member Founder & CEO at Design Italy

Davide Formica Member Partner Development Manager at Cisco

Francesco Iacono Member Venture Marketing Professional & CEO at Tradapharma Sagl

Paul Köllensperger Member E-commerce specialist, Trentino Alto Adige Regional Councillor

Matteo Masi Member Manager, Startup Segment Country Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Demetrio Migliorati Member Innovation manager & Head of Blockchain Program in Banca Mediolanum

Gian Luca Montanini Member CEO and co-founder of Aste Giudiziarie InLinea SPA

Ettore Murciano Member Chief Strategy Officer for Capsula

William Nonnis Member Full Stack & Blockchain Developer for Italian Ministry of Defence

Federico Pirovano Member Data Scientist & Founder at Dynius

Luigi Porcari Member Demand Manager at Iccrea Banking Group

Matteo Radice Member Digital platform specialist at Europ Assistance

Alessandro Scapuzzi Member Chartered accountant at Scapuzzi Rusciano

Atsuya Sugawara Member Microbiologist and Biotech Consultant

Eraldo Vaccargiu Member Director of Blockchain Elite

Quadrans Members

Giorgio Cecchini Member System Integrator for Italian Army

Silvano Coletti Member CEO of Chelonia SA

Clara Costa Member Communication Specialist at Quadrans Foundation

Andrea Cruciani Member CEO at Agricolus srl

Enrico De Mitri Member CEO at DRL SWISS SA

Raffaello Del Re Member Software Engineer

Massimiliano Graziosi Member Financial Consultant

Giovanni Guerri Member CEO & Co-Founder at Guglielmo  

Andrea Incorvaia Member Chartered Accountant

Francesca Lorenzoni Member Business Analyst at Toolsgroup Italy

Lucas Marchesini Member Aeronautical Engineer

Azizi Meor Ngah Member Business Leader expert in Agricolture, Food and Halal

Edoardo Misino Member Project Manager

Elena Pasquali Member EcoSteer Srl CEO

Davide Redaelli Member Account Manager at Ennova Research

Albert Wee Kwan Tan Member Researcher for Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alex Vitale Member Project Manager for Foodchain SpA

Nuraslina Zainal Abidin Member Group Managing Director for Genaxis Group Sdn Bhd