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Quadrans Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland as “Fondazione Quadrans” (Quadrans Foundation).

Our mission is to develop Quadrans technology, support research and share blockchain knowledge around the world. Our effort is aimed at inspiring the community to the use of Quadrans blockchain as a transparent and efficient tool for communication, governance and business.

If you want to help us achieve these goals/contribute to our mission, here are ways you can do so.


Donating is a helpful way to support the Foundation. We provide the opportunity to contribute by donating cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ether) as well as fiat currencies. For Bitcoin and Ether donations, the process is made through a special transaction system that is secure and fully transparent, in line with the values of the Foundation.

BEFORE YOU DONATE, we want to make sure you know a few important things.

    Use of Donations
    Donations are used to ensure that Quadrans Foundation has the support it needs to succeed. If you want your donation to be used for specific Foundation-supported activities, you would need to contact the Foundation at to receive confirmation that this is possible, before you donate.

    Tax deductible contribution
    Quadrans Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland. It is recognised by the Swiss Authorities as a charitable organisation and therefore exempt from Swiss federal and cantonal income taxes. Donations to the Foundation are qualified as tax deductible charitable contributions for Swiss citizens and entities.
    For more information on specific tax benefits, you should seek professional advice according to your country's legislative framework.

    No cancellations, changes or refunds
    Before completing your donations, it is very important that you check the wallet address, the amount of the donation and related details. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept any request to cancel, change or refund donations.

    Illegal Funds
    The Foundation cannot and does not accept funds that have been obtained illegally or that would otherwise be deemed to damage the reputation or the integrity of the Foundation. To proceed with your donation, you are required to tick the box at the bottom of this page and confirm to the best of your knowledge that the donation comes from a legal source and is compliant with the tax laws of your applicable jurisdiction.

    Bitcoin and Ether donations are made through a blockchain transaction system that is secure and transparent. The security of your transaction at your end is subject to the safekeeping of your private keys and the security practices within your computer.
    Please remember that the blockchain is a decentralized network and performs peer-to-peer transactions, so you must be very careful when you enter the receiving wallet address. If you send funds to an incorrect wallet address, there is no centralized bank or entity that can retrieve that funds for you.

    Handling of personal information
    Any personal information provided by donors will be kept strictly confidential. The information is only used to process transactions and for auditing purposes conducted by the authorities. To the extent allowed by the law, we will not disclose or use personal information for any other purposes. For more details, please view our Privacy Policy

    If you wish to donate, the instructions to proceed will appear after you tick the box below:

    For FIAT donations via PayPal, click on the button below:

    PayPal accepted methods to donate

    If you wish to use other methodologies to donate FIAT or for Bitcoin and Ether donations

    Please contact us

    If you wish to donate more than 1000 CHF in FIAT or for Bitcoin and Ether donations

    Please contact us

Quadrans Foundation processes users' personal data in accordance with the Canton Ticino Data Protection Act ("LPDP", RL and the related Application Regulations.