Consumerismo & Quadrans Foundation

13th Jun 2020

A new consumer association is born: Consumerismo aims to completely change the model of consumer representation, turning consumers into a Lobby.

Together with Quadrans Foundation, Consumerismo signed an agreement to make Blockchain technology accessible to individual consumers. The intent is to spread the use of blockchain technology and strengthen consumer protection by adopting the principle of decentralization, transparency, immutability, security and consensus.

The challenge is to push citizens to reward those products and companies that help them understand, that are transparent and offer all the information that can be meaningful to make consumer protection more preventive.

"For the protection of all consumers, we offer a public and open source blockchain; a tool that can simplify the exchange of information and value within public administrations, between companies, in supply chains and in relations between and with consumers. With the blockchain technology we can put the citizens at the centre of the process, encouraging them to become better informed and more aware of the environment in which they live and work." - Marco Vitale, Chairman of the Quadrans Foundation.

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