Happy Birthday, Quadrans!

04th Aug 2020

On August 4, 2018, the Quadrans Foundation was born, de facto formalizing an ambitious project that first started back in 2012.

Meet the three founders of the Foundation: Davide Costa, Serial Entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast and co-founder of Foodchain SpA, a company that provides efficiency and transparency to F&B and other sectors, Marco Vitale, Member of the Blockchain Task Force of the Ministry of Economic Development, and Brunello Pianca, Asset Manager, Financial Advisor and Blockchain activist.

With the support and the extensive experience of its members, the Foundation is working day by day to develop, improve and advance Quadrans blockchain and build a global, open, inclusive, public, decentralized and independent infrastructure.

Davide Costa commented: “+2 years of Quadrans Foundation! +275 nodes around the world and use cases that span horizontally across all sectors of the industry: from energy, to waste disposal, cosmetics, pet-tech, traceability of raw materials and composite products, textiles…

So many efforts have been made to disseminate blockchain technology with seminars, courses, presentations, events, trade shows and many efforts to allow blockchain to play a fundamental role in improving the life of citizens, supporting public administration, solidarity, consumer protection, all projects are useful for the entire community. Thank you all!”

Learn about all of the Foundation's members.



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