Italian Strategy for Blockchain & Distributed Registries

18th Jun 2020

The public consultation of the summary document on the “Italian Strategy for Blockchain and Distributed Registries”, realized with the contribution of the Blockchain Task Force selected by the Ministry of Economic Development, kicked off today.

At the end of the consultation, on July 20, 2020, comments from stakeholders and interested parties will be evaluated by the 30 experts, including Quadrans Foundation’s Chairman Marco Vitale, for the elaboration of the final proposal of the strategy.

In the summary document, policies and tools on issues related to the development and adoption of blockchain technologies and distributed ledgers are discussed in order to facilitate their application for businesses, public administration and citizens.

“The goal - as stated by Minister Patuanelli - is to support and encourage the digital transition of the production system and to make Italy a leading European country in emerging technologies”.

The main use cases and areas of application of this technology have also been identified. Among the use cases, the 30 experts have specified the applications for the agri-food sector and the protection of Made in Italy products.

“Behind this document there has been a great effort. With many challenges and issues to be addressed. Now it is essential that the community can participate in the public consultation in a transparent way and that no one is excluded. Keeping in line with the principles introduced by this amazing technology. Proud to be part of the Blockchain Task Force.” - Commented Marco Vitale, President of the Quadrans Foundation.