NFT against the Mafia to remember Giovanni Falcone and the victims of the Capaci Bombing

25th May 2022

A limited series of NFT minted on Quadrans Blockchain, an innovative way to remember Giovanni Falcone, one of the magistrates who served Italy during the darkest years of the Mafia murders and the victims of the Capaci bombing.

Thirty years after the Capaci bombing, the artwork called "AF9222" (Falcone Tree 1992-2022), signed by architect Paolo Albano is placed in the city of Como (IT). A set number of Non-Fungible Tokens on the Quadrans Blockchain were associated with the physical artwork.  

 The NFTs created directly by architect Paolo Albano (see the architect wallet's here) were donated to:

1.  Comune di Capaci
Click to check the NFT donated to the Municipality and the related Blockchain Transaction;

2.  C.Next
Click to check the NFT donated to C.Next and the related Blockchain Transaction;

3.  Fondazione Margherita Hack
Click to check the NFT donated to Fondazione Margherita Hack and the related Blockchain Transaction


4.  Radio Maria
Click to check the NFT donated to Radio Maria and the related Blockchain Transaction.


The fifth and final NFT in the series will be donated by architect Paolo Albano shortly. 

Non-Fungible Tokens no longer just represent entertainment, but can "transform an act of creativity into an act of responsibility and become a cultural, social and beauty heritage," as architect Paolo Albano commented.