Quadrans documentation is here

10th Aug 2020

We have taken special care in creating a wiki containing all the documentation you need to get started with Quadrans.

This wiki is developed collaboratively by a community of users and it is carefully updated to give you accurate information on how to install and set up a node and get productive on Quadrans blockchain.

Anyone who joins the community and registers can now submit a contribution and edit / add information and value to the wiki via GitHub.

Special thanks to our co-founder Davide Costa, our technical member Piersandro Guerrera and the blockchain expert Marco Crotta for their efforts and great work.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? If you have any questions, join our community on Telegram.

Our chat group was created to provide support to Quadrans users, guide them through troubleshooting, and provide additional information beyond our documentation.

This is the right place for users to help each other and provide valuable feedback for us to improve Quadrans.


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