Quadrans Token staking reward

20th Jul 2021


With the aim of helping the community to obtain a greater number of Quadrans Token, Quadrans Foundation will allow all Token Holders to participate in the Quadrans Token staking reward from 26 July 2021.

Through a Smart Contract and a new Platform developed by the members of the Foundation, all Token Holders will be able to place in staking their QDT and receive an annual reward of 14% in return. The longer Token Holders participate in the Staking initiative, the more they will be rewarded in QDTs at the end. At any time, users participating in the initiative will be able to regain their QDT with the reward obtained up to that moment.

Participating in the initiative is very simple. Users need MetaMask installed on their computer, at least 10,000 QDTs and to pay a small fee in ETH for the transactions necessary to approve the use of the Smart Contract and to transfer the QDTs within it.

From the yet undisclosed Quadrans Staking Platform, participants will be able to check in real time the QDT they are earning for taking part in this service.

Quadrans Staking Platform will be launched on Monday, July 26th. Stay tuned!

26 July 2021 update: Quadrans Staking Platform opened today!