Sicily to track citrus fruits using blockchain

30th Oct 2020

Quadrans Foundation's public blockchain was chosen by the Distretto Produttivo Agrumi di Sicilia to ensure the traceability of local produce.

The agreement ensures the exclusive, free and open use of Quadrans Blockchain for the Sicilian citrus supply chain, with the aim of increasing the traceability of production and ensuring the quality of products to consumers.

For the first time in Sicily the Citrus Productive District of Sicily provides the Blockchain application "dApp" developed by Foodchain Spa to all member companies

The new platform is open to all companies in the supply chain associated with the District, including production, processing and marketing companies. The agreement stems from several sessions of the cycle "Social Farming 3", carried out by the District and Arces High School with the unconditional contribution of The Coca-Cola Foundation.

A specific training course on this technology has been undertaken and the Citrus District of Sicily is now able to provide this new blockchain application to the entire citrus supply chain.

«The collaboration with the Citrus Productive District of Sicily - explains Marco Vitale - is extremely valuable to us. The dApp provided is a technological tool for digitization and simplification of activities that will help meet the challenges that limit the production chains. We are sure that the adoption of blockchain technology will lead to a significant growth not only from a technological innovation point of view but also for greater protection of Sicilian products and excellence recognized around the world. Digitization, resource optimization and transparency result in better data management, reduced waste and direct communication with the end consumer.»

To top it off, the Sicily Region was the first in the world to approve a law for complete traceability of agri-food products through blockchain technology thanks to MP Jose Marano's law proposal presented back in August 2018. Now it's time for action!



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