Our areas of interest

Areas of interest reflect Quadrans Foundation priorities and current needs and we will review them periodically basing on the development plan. We invite you to also reach out with your own unique ideas and innovations to continuosly empower Quadrans Blockchain ecosystem growth. Anyone can contribute to make Quadrans a global tool for reliable communication, governance and business. The grant process covers the three stages of Proposal, Award, and, if successful, Post-Award. More information about the grants process can be found here.

Nodes Miners & Masternodes

Quadrans has a growing number of Nodes in its ecosystem that help secure the network by signing and publishing blocks. Our goal is to empower Nodes by supporting the development of standardized tools, tutorials and cloud applications.

  • Tooling: Solutions that improve the user experience for Quadrans nodes/ Miners and Masternodes such as network monitoring and notification tools.

  • Tutorials: Videos, documentation or similar that lower entry barriers for less technical stakeholders to participate directly in the block creation and validation process as well as nodes set-up.

  • Cloud Integration: Tools and applications that enable Quadrans Nodes-Miners and Masternodes to safely run on major cloud platforms.

Developer experience

Our goal is to make Quadrans easy to build on and onboard new developers to the ecosystem. We are looking to support tools, tutorials and documentation to improve user experience for all Quadrans developers.

  • Tools and Infrastructure: Solutions that improve the user experience for Quadrans nodes/ Miners and Masternodes such as network monitoring and notification tools.

  • Tutorials: Contributions to existing and popular tools in the Quadrans developer community. Development of new tools and infrastructure to improve testing and deployment on Quadrans such as improved IDEs and debuggers.

Education & training

The growth and success of Quadrans is heavily linked to the Quadrans community. To grow and support the community, we want to enable all ecosystem members around the world.

  • Global adoption: Localization (translation) of existing popular educational and training material. Development of improved and more robust documentation of resources in the Quadrans ecosystem.

  • Learning resources: Resources, tutorials and games to train developers to write and deploy Quadrans smart contracts.

End-user Application

Quadrans enables new types of applications, which can address problems that have been traditionally difficult to solve using legacy software stacks. We are looking to support new applications that drive wide adoption and benefit standardization, censorship-resistance, or user control on the Quadrans protocol.

  • Collectibles: Applications that allow users to easily share Quadrans-based collectibles on websites and various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, and potentially rewards them for doing so.

  • Communication applications: Solution that allow Quadrans stakeholders to message other stakeholders using Quadrans addresses (public key hashes) while paying attention to spam and confidentiality, including the confidentiality of metadata.

  • Creator tokenization: Tools and applications that enable disintermediation between creators and fans.

  • Crowdfunding: Creation of censorship-resistant services for crowdfunding and similar platforms on Quadrans.

  • Decentralized Finance: Main topics of interest for DeFi are assets, primitives and applications. Assets can for example be bridges between other standards and Quadrans standards. Primitives include for example stablecoins, prediction markets and lending. Applications of interest are for example AMM DEXs, oracles, applications in the insurance field and others for Quadrans-based assets.

  • Gaming: Entertaining and fun games that provide a delightful user experience with sound design principles. Such principles can be the use of state channels or other off-chain approaches when possible. User interfaces should have a broad appeal with features such as easy onboarding and using gas relays for fees.

  • Payment solutions: Services that integrate or use Quadrans for payments such as tipping, real-time or “streaming” payments, payment integration tooling and applications that allow several parties to create simple contracts for conditional payments in just a few clicks. Smart contract templates: Smart contract templates and applications that facilitate lending and borrowing of Quadrans-based assets and templates for other popular smart contracts to improve standardization.


Censorship-resistance is key for all developments on Quadrans. Our goal is to support research and development of infrastructure to build on Quadrans’ strengths and enhance privacy-preserving solutions.

  • Infrastructure and application: Development of privacy-preserving communications infrastructure and enablement of private computation solutions on Quadrans.

  • Research and development: Academic cryptography research and development for Quadrans-centric solutions.


Quadrans has the assurance required for high value use cases and a focus on formal methods. Given this strength we aim to support projects building security solutions for Quadrans.

  • Key management: Overall improvement of key management solutions to increase security and usability. Integration of Quadrans in popular Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

  • Formal verification: Tools to more easily formally verify properties of Quadrans smart contracts.

Is your projects targeting categories not listed here?

Contact us and propose your idea explaining how it may advance the Quadrans ecosystem!